Перевод песни Gutted – Lurking in the Shadow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In a swamp, in a dark swamp*
In a swamp, in a deep swamp
In a swamp, far from everything
Dormant lies the enemy of the believers
Corridor to undiscovered places
Where no one has been before
Never seen things under dust
Now they're caged by space and time
A reptilian worm keeps the keys of the gates
Gates of the fantasy, dreams and misery
Never happened stories fill the air
As the worm opens his eyes
Nothing can stop him anymore
The mortal's flame fades away
Sending the senses into oblivion
Sending the feeling into oblivion
Greatest of the scum and dirt
Will rise onto this Earth
Spawn of the loathing reptiles
Lurking in the shadow
Lurking in the shadow
«Come closer my child
Drink, drink the wine
The wine made out of my sweat and blood»
«Eat, eat the bread
The bread made out of my flesh
You'll be grown upon me»
Chambers of the endless black
Shreds of all senses
Shining thru my eyes
Meaningless, senseless