Перевод песни Gutted – Memory Devourer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Bow before me — I'm your master*
I'll devour all of your memories
Drop to your knees — Start to worship me I will smash all of your memories
I'll keep killing you until the end of time
Then you'll feel what the real suffering is
I'll make you suffer with my endless power
It continues forever and ever after
In this place — You're my servant
Your dreams have been cursed
In this hell — I drink your blood
Your body is decomposed
Against me — You have no chance
I'm sucking your energy
Your soul will be hurt
It is hanged on my chains
Your soul will be burnt
On the fire I've created
I'm fed on your dreams
And after the digestion
I will puke them out
One by one
Cage of your torture
Rules your control
Control which haunts you
I made you serve me, you are my slave now
Cannot escape from this hell of mine
This is not a nightmare, it's reality
The pain what you feel real as hell
You will be damned
Damned forever
Out of your body
No longer human
Memories torn apart
I took them away
Now you know — What I've done
That's irreversible
You stuck here — No escape
Memories won't get back
A memory prison — Built from blood
Walls bleed endlessly
A memory devourer — That's me You will get what you deserve