Перевод песни Gutted – Souls of the Raped Children

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Dead bodies whispering thru the night*
They brought back the taken souls
Dead bodies whispering thru the night
They'll make you feel when they arrive
Souls of the raped children
Stained in every single way
Experienced memories
They come alive again
Behind the black, deep hole
Behind the black, deep eyes
Eyes of the witnessed
Faces of who buried
They are six feet deep into the ground
Near the Hell, near their home
Never to come back again
Condemned to never forget
What happened to them
Stays in their heart forever
Never ending pictures
On the never ending sufferings
Relatives of the strange ideas
Parents of the child abuses
On the highest flame of Hell
They will be punished by Those
Who were once raped