Перевод песни Gutted – World of Mine

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Enter into the world of mine*
Into the world which can't live without me My blood runs in every river
My flesh feeds the dead and undead
We are pulsing together
Our bodies under the same control
This is my world, can't be destroyed
This is my world, dying without me Flame of ignorance burns in their eyes
Flame of ignorance will burn them away
As I surrounded by them
They are eating my flesh
And drinking my blood
Feed my slave as the pigs
They will die as the worms and reptiles
Fighting the enemies
— That's the way They'll learn from me Fighting the enemies
— That's the way They'll die alone
Consuming the enemies
— Soon They'll learn from me Soon They'll die alone
— Consuming my own enemies
They worship me, idolize me They grab me and drag me into Hell
They bound me, fed on my flesh
They will live on as They're consuming me They will march on as I die
My life becomes their life now
I'm rotting under the surface
My body is the substrate of their life
This world is dying now
Can't live on without my flesh and soul
I will come back one day
Revenge will be written on my flag