Перевод песни The Furor – Unholy Supremacy

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Black fire strikes our path behold, pyres burn swiftly
Though plague battered grounds we march, approaching briskly
The towers of Saurc Naroth stand pale!
Wretched fortress, lies abode
The stonekeeper of fiends unseen, clad by epic walls
Infiltrate with fire, and hearts spewing hate
Righteous blood's upon our blades again
Denial, biased redeemer
Prophetic vow, ignored
Enraged arrival, vigilant damned
The almighty fater's kingdom walls, no longer stand!
Call upon, self true
Call upon, animal essence in man
Call upon, past broods
Call upon, pure truth your doom!
Blast Cremation! Hellbent scriptures set upon by lightning
Unhindered lust by men is made
Soon supplement all souls
Infuse with might
The inner beast calling
...Till man no more!