Перевод песни The Furor – Hammers of Masters

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Steadfast we arrive, the infernals
Villainous tyrants, precursors of the almighty total death!
Tribulation past, the antichrist emerge at last
Plunge righteous harpers into silence unending!
Magogs awoken, heading the calls for new flesh
On perished doomspace, conjure iconic furies
Reprise of pure evil, defamation conquest
Harvenger's ride, throttling fast to faster,
Christos drowning in tears!
I am the fervent, hammer of the sane
The guilt of thirteen apostles, lifeless remains
Horned storm demented, rise on setting sun
Pandemic tempers, pulverise the stunned
Clash of chaos, rite of the highest power refined on every moon
Through smoke and madness, battle aroused by fire
Make way for irreverent ones, consuming all in the name of triumph!
Perdition is here!
Sanctified kneel by their master, crucify the king of the Jews!
Bastard merchant of sickness, maniacal lords of the lame
Nullify the crownbearers, the inhumation of sacred sons
Hailed in ages ever after
The essence of faith we stole!
Abhorrent mass upon the altar!
Initiate the sequence of death!
Carnage above reason, malevolent rule's in season
Summoning of Dakkar, proverbs uncreate in signals cast through evil
Serpent fangs embedding, flesh growing stale is shedding
Born again disaster, induction through pain, enticed by sigils of sin!
Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by death chants begin!
Born in secret, gloating betrayer
Host of ancients, overcome by nothing.