Перевод песни The Furor – Pain Profound

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Onward empowered, vengeance upon our breath
Pace through wilderness, rampaging storm of the masters!
Expelled domain, forever bleed only to reign
Ages bear witness, to a sacred order at long last slain!
Unrestrained marauders, obligate their vows
Trample bejewelled brethren, into the fuckin' ground!
Upon dead messiah, the invincible curse invoke
Eternally ruled by fire, pain profound evermore!
Power! Strength steers us, Death's empire we must!
Render the weak and survive every maul
Triumph! Storm fevered, spread the nothing
Heathen rampage among blood and iron!
Attack! Deceivers! Hang or nothing. Fearless! Strike holy sons down
with hammers of sin
Alone! Stand prided! Upon ashes,
Bloodred fearless and... Mighty!
Wrath! Be thy weapon of choice
Stark moon! Cryptic gleam under which the hunger!
Hail! Ancient cloak of midnight
Coming of! A thousand dooms, stronghold ever tightening!
Into sin guilty lambs are cast, furnace fires awaiting the king!
Under the hammer with swords held high your faith is taken
Outlawing one by one every trace of holy breath!
Upon scared bones now broken and plundered
Tantalize the beast with unsanctioned breads!
Gorging endlessly on the fruits of your death!
Triumphant! Impervious! Unblessed!
Brimstone oppression!
Uprisal of the new sun, surface of the overlords
Downright aggressors!
Worship of eclipse hereafter!
Bloodstained forever!
Pillars of the truth smash fables of the gods!
Ghosts of the damned at one with our holocaust!
Almighty prayers are taken
Holy heirs are born forsaken
Rulers of the night wage war for ancients
Congregations march for Satan
...For the invincible adversary!