Перевод песни The Furor – Auras of Ice

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Searching for storms that bleed us,
brought by the lust in our blood, stark red!
Midwinter thick with evil, unsettled spirits abound, still death!
Ever igniting fever, sickness in the house of god, failed crest!
venomous born unsilenced, hunting for flesh of the Christ, hunting!
Our demonous pride stands unmerciful, vomit in sacred chalice!
Hell reaching high, deaths forewarned in prophetic verses
spoke by the moon!
Growling lash lash, the past swarms at our side
End of days again, casts flame from smouldered skies
Christening the blast, entrust in battleborn
Prophets under holy cross pervert no more!
Crucified in vain, accursed death's domain
Sacrificed unto he who's downcast again
Serpent souls abide, resisting fleshly forms
Serving evermore, world chaos tells of our allegiance to war!
Auras of ice, unspoken yet so near
Ancient old curse through body and soul
In battle be the currents that steer us!
Wall of shields unshattered before us Topple angelic with hellacious law!
Godless we reign spewing blasphemous laughter
Summon accursers in rebellion!
The blood of holy slaves becomes ice!
Dynasty till death binding the shadows that will lead them
Scour the paragons low to high, bash the egos of the elegant
Flawless only son begot, the guise of the martyr!
Impotent Vulgate, Infinite Curse!
Impotent Vulgate, Infinite Curse!
Hearts beat for the tyrant master!
Crushing all under lex talionis, awesome deeds beyond impossible
Hammer bearers, incoming storms become our laughter
Intangible in spirit, never born although immortalists!
Might revered!
Black doom resurfaced from wild seas of death
Quenched by fear!
Bloodlusting usurpers hail to thee, dweller of the fires!