Перевод песни The Furor – Rebirth Mark

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Standing within flaming pits of rage!
Redeemed in battle, ravagers of purest light
Summoned by the call, enslaved by moons forever-after
A servant to sin more and more.
Rebirth Mark! Perfecting death at last, forgotten by fate
Rebirth Mark! Limbonic hunters rising must I evade
Rebirth Mark! Avenge thy perished past, storm again
Rebirth Mark! Obscure blasphemous revival,
second coming born from doom!
War within, proud pawn of the mighty
Lifeless grin, up from ashes cast!
At dawn surface revered, the prophesised now in smoke
Approach the Reapers blade forewarned, entrusting death!
Horned invasion of the light!
I despise the feeble scum laying blind at the fortress death
Wherein the seventh seals proud master condemns pillars of light
Slave to fear slut to pain, footstool or the bastards bygone reign
Fodder of the beast born unto the foul fever
Spreading weakness and blight!
Sin master, our ancient curse reborn
Baptise by fire and praise my second storm
Soul pyre, age old driving force
Ascend through death and higher, surpassing all!