Перевод песни The Furor – Vengeance Upon Golgotha

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Crafted by the furor, Cerberus incarnate
Bastions of unholiness, arise then dominate
Impervious to all fear, aligned with shining ones
Invoke the prince of tears, survive the setting sun
Elegies for eternity's, the pride of the bewitched
Resonate infernally, our gateway towards bliss
Muting of words from liars tongues, merchants upon the fire
Catastrophes sung to battle drums...
Under, Killing, Banner!
Test their gods in war!
Stride into the nothingness, bring trumpeters unto their fate
Anticipate a morning after in worlds crushed!
By dawn we'll reign!
Righteous bidding thwarted by fire, oppressed!
Bow to reaper poisoned souls
Mortal feasters at last be whole!
Formless in fever, all sins confessed
Hunting in shadows of death, at peace with none!
Swarm believers, blaspheme rancid prayers undone
Grim majesties give rise to the heathen, cardinals of pain
In rites undreamt of
Smash whore redeemers, bloodlust stains the serpents crest
Rewritten book of spread the fever, throughout the sacred son
Upon Golgotha we've won!
Ride their faith into the nothingness, trampled be thy name
Through smoke and fire the rebellious shall remain,
sworn unto the ancients
I rancid redeemer, heartbeat of the horde
Drive the nails of destiny into your lord!