Перевод песни Sorgeldom – Through Dust Into Lostness

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The summer sun faded into distant darkness
Following the path of the glittering snow stars
Temptated by the bed of crystals
To it's lair, I'm walking down it's stair
While the falling moon shines in obscurity
Closing in it's wings over the atmosphere
My frozen arms reach towards the lunar
A caravan of darkness, blinds my eyes
I put myself to sleep
In the valley of her grey craters
I'm diving into my transmission
As it's signal reaches outer space
Her eyes opens wide
I guess the story is true
Swallowed by the jaws of the lunar (moon)
I give myself to you
While the rising luna, weights down the sun
Opens ther mouth into the darkened sky
She now posesess my soul
Reborn through the dusty cosmic hole