Перевод песни Benighted in Sodom – Chains of Bliss

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We are born merely to find the tunnel, for all paths lead to this end.
There will a place for you rest along the way, defeated and broken,
without answers
So let your faith lead you to failure
So let your sorrow comfort the truth, that you are lost, and your secrets will
float to the surface
There is a subtle horror in realization, but the faith is unmistakable in the
eve of peril, and it's beaming headlights will find you there
Let the dream captivate you, let the necessity consume you
Cling to the light, and welcome enslavement, for in oblivion, liars are saved,
only to find the prosperous wealth of aeons, buried beneath the cenotaph and
forbidden like a tree, beautiful and burning...
We are born merely to find the tunnel as all paths lead to the end.
There will be a place for you to rest along the way, for you to defeat and
break yourself