Перевод песни Killah Priest – Excalibur

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That's it, it's war
Priesthood, Priest
(Mother Earth was pregnant from third thing
Your in lock with it, I have tasted
The maggots of the man, I was no up in this
But I knew I had to rise above it all
Or drown in all shit)
Priest, Proverbs, hahaha
Ya'll cats think I was just gonna come off, and I don't get none
Thought ya'll wasn't hear from me again, right?
That's right baby, Killah Priest, Priesthood, Priest Stone
Knowhatimean? Priesthood, yeah, uh Yeah, yeah, this is Priest, yo, Killah Priest, Priest Stone, Priesthood
Back for good, knowhatimean? Thought ya'll wasn't gonna hear from me again
Now I gotta scream on everybody (family) everybody battlin'
Battlin' in the street, whatever, check this out, yo It's Priest standing in his greatness, God's favorite
I rock the Star like King David, my Queens bathe in I walk past, they start wavin'
Each arm, a thousand bracelets, face it, I'm the greatest
Made women drunk from the royal fragrance
I rock the latest in fashion, my jewelry flashin'
In other countries, they can hear my magnums
When they blastin', I heard they sound like thunder clappin'
Hit you in your stomach, watch you start gaggin'
Who gives a fuck if you're platinum?
If you're lyin' in a wooden casket
For good, now that's 'hood...
Yo, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess
Enemies lie down while I'm clutchin' my tech
It's on, the Priest, the Prophet, the King, the God
The sun, you see him quickly when I'm poppin' my gun
It's on...
Thou shall fear me, only as thou'se been guilty
Feel me, sincerely yours, Priest, now industry tried to kill me Before sat at tables, like the Savior at The Last Supper
Amongst nine rap lovers, three crack hustlers, with gats covered
Peep my last words, in the Proverbs, observe me If you're worthy, I 'member your ass show
When ya'll was wet and cold, I cover ya'll with robes
Gave ya'll flows, when ya'll give ya'll soul
I gave ya'll flesh, covered ya'll bones
Breathed in you, sat ya'll in thrones
Now ya'll betrayed me, I raised thee from babies
To ya'll were grown men
For your birthday, I gave ya'll your own pen
To write with, beware of vipers, and snakes and biters
I taught ya'll about the depths of words and dark sentences
Now ya'll don't remember shit, but try to mimic it When I see my crown, just give me it, it's mine
Seek your own rhyme, it's on, seek your own rhymes, come on!
I lay rappers down, with the mac or the pound
Pop 'em, stretch 'em out with they backs to the ground
Leave 'em lost in the woods, gotta find them with hounds
My four five'll turn a nigga from fatigues to bow-ties, no lie
Put a nigga close by, the Most High
Or he's a Dream Catcher, the Indian myth, pick one
Semi or fifth, your shell get hit, ladies spell my shit
A-D-D, I-C-T, I-V-E, lick your lips, come try me Contestants, hook 'em up to I. V In hospital, I pop pistols, fellas get ya hit like Hot Nikkels
Killah Priest, the Priest Stone, or High Priest, I pop three
Leave rappers in memory, the winner be me Priesthood, A.K.A. Body, yo