Перевод песни Jackson 5 – If I Have To Move A Mountain

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I'll do it, yes I'd do it
To show I love you
In your eyes
I see no faith
There's an absence of trust
In your embrace
But why would I
Pretend to give
Just to take from the person
For whom I live
(I told you that I love you)
(especially I need you)
You're one love in a million was made from the stars
(and maybe you'd believe me)
(then maybe you would need me)
But maybe may not ever convince your stubborn heart
So if I have to move a mountain
Simply to prove that you're my love (my love)
You're my love, baby (my only love)
I'd do it, and I'll do it, yes I'll do it for you
And if I have to stop a river
To make you belive that I'm the one (the one)
That special one you need (that special one)
I'd do it, yes I'd do it (to show I love you)
(Pins and needles sticking in my heart)
(We're so close, but still so far apart)
(What to do, what to do to make you need my love too)