Перевод песни Jackson 5 – Moving Violation

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I saw you at the wheel
And you drove me out of my mind
You’ve been careless with my love
Hurt me a thousand times
And that’s a moving violation (moving violation)
Girl I’m a witness
Girl I’m a witness
(oh) oh, I placed you high above the rest
I gave you my, my very best
(but you played your game) it was just an act
And you gave your love when I turned my back
You’re pushing me back now baby (pushing me back, pushing me back)
I’ve taken all I can stand (pushing me back,, pushing me back)
But I saw you standing there (yes I did now)
Giving him your hand (you gave him your hand)
And that’s a moving violation (moving violation)
You should have read the sign, moving violattion
When you gave him what was mine, moving violation (stop, red light)
You should have made him stop (stop, red light)
Ooh, red light (stop, red light)(moving violation)
You should have made him stop (stop, red light)(moving violation)
Saw them at the red light (stop, red light) (moving violation)
Should have made him put on the breaks (stop)