Перевод песни Tampa Red – Dead Cats On the Line

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You Chicago women run hand in hand
You run around with one another's man
There's a dead cat on the line
There's a dead cat on the line
I ain't lyin', you're the cheatin'kind
There's a dead cat on the line
You come home at night talkin'out your head
You have to take a bath before you go to bed
You're in such a sniffer gettin'mighty strung
When you shake hands you got to hold it so long
She as standin'in church with her own man
I saw you when you tickled her in her hand
(Play it now!)
You're brownskin, your husband ain't fair
Your children all yellin'got curly hair
Early this mornin''bout half past four
I seen Bill Johnson comin'out your door
There's one thing I can't understand
You broke up your home and quit your reg'lar man