Перевод песни Martin Hall – Red Lips, Marble Eyes

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lights from cars slowly driving by
Her eyes reflecting a desert sky
Lover's rental
Sentimental child
Guess you're hiding
Down along the line
Dresses in fields
Shirts on the sea
Imagine yourself then
Imagining yourself now
Red lips and marble eyes
Bourgeois bohemia high
They say nobility grows out of contained emotion
Well she feels a bit bloated right now
Skin like alabaster
Swollen like a plaster
I guess she'd rather look like somebody else
It's like a seal
A heap of needs
Imagine yourself then
Imagining yourself now
Another poster girl
Fake fur and high-heel spurs
All of these sons of Cain and girls with wings
Still staring at the ceiling
The illegitimate desires never fade