Перевод песни Bill Snyder – My Dearest

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So everything that makes me whole,
I'd like to dedicate them all to you.
I'm Yours.
Look... This picture taken with your CAMERA.
I am smiling for the first time I can think of.
I'm sure... You're the reason for it.
I walk alone,
Along a single path that I've always known.
By the side, my failures have piled up like snow...
And suddenly, they melt.
Your thoughts, your words, your beliefs,
they've made me stronger than ever before! (And I Promise You!) With your hand
in mine, until the end of time,
we will persevere and move on forward.
Moving on SHEAR momentum...
And I know, I will be fine as long as I can see
Your Smile!
So when you SHIELD them with your bare hands,
it truly must be precious.
And then the World decides its Theirs
and you can't help but feel helpless.
And at that moment, all hope is lost,
and Death is all you can think of,
the Darkness falls, against the wall,
you brace yourself, God Damn it all!
And suddenly that darkness shatters,
A bright light shines into the room.
You realize that nothing else matters,
so long as I am there with you!
So everything that makes me whole,
I'd like to dedicate them all to you.
I am Yours.
There... There are all kinds of ways to enjoy life.
Be it wrong, right, or this love of mine.
Someday... I know we will find 'it'.
They'll continue to try and hurt you,
you're slandered by the words of men.
Those sticks and stones may break your bones,
but the BANDAGE void will heal them!
And if the World makes you its Savior,
without a shred of Faith in you...
A Crown of Thorns, a King is Born,
Rejoice, Receive your Savior!
Remember Life will pass you by,
so just take Her close, and hold Her.
We'll keep you safe from all the pain
that they've tried to put on your shoulders!
So everything that makes me whole,
I'd like to dedicate them all to you.
I'm Yours.
(34-Year-Long Progressive Rock Ballad)
I see your smile begin to falter,
with rings in hand, your head is bowed.
We stand together at that ALTAR,
as we prepare to speak our vows.
«If you begin to doubt yourself,
and think there's no one there to break your fall...
You feel you have, a Power that
Remember that you bear this Blessing.
You are the LEGS that carry us!
You might think you're not fit for being
a God, but your HAND says you must!
And should my King require it of me,
I'll fall to my knees, and once more, I will...
Be your SWORD