Перевод песни Soilwork – Realm of the Wasted

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Is it still me
Who controls my universe?
I won't be objective
To any of your lies
Such desperate ways
To control and capture my attention
Please look away
While I make my escape
There's something more
That will enhance all my visions
A personal war
Against all gratification
So leave it behind
Erasing all of yesterday
Build your own world
Let go of their shield
Let go of the shield
All your generic pieces
Of human flesh
Will lead the way
For every fool
The wasted
Follow all your rules
Leaving for something
Better than it seems
I broke the record
Of pleasing someone else
We stand together
As long as someone makes amends
The shit you read
Guidance to self-destruction
We make it bleed
To wake each other up
Now does it hurt too much?
Tell me, how does it feel?
To deny every second
Of a prosperous life
Where you make the call
I will be sheltered
I see no loss
I make my own decisions
For my own cause
Break out, break out
Break out, break out
Break out, break out
Break out, break out
Don't let the shield get to you
Let go of the shield