Перевод песни Soilwork – Drowning With Silence

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Need for attention
Need for solace
In this abuse-ridden world
I've fallen into oblivion with you
A mental hand shake of fools
This life has gotten us all
The paradox still remains
We live to choke the difference
Carry the weight of an awful fate
That's what they told you to do
Nothing's changed
Nothing will
We still live the other truth
It makes us cope with our need for violence
Nothing's changed
Nothing will
We still give
The water's still
But it still drowns our wish with silence
I can laugh in the face of god
Cause I won't be loved in the end
Look at all of the pain that I've felt
The truth that I've bent to accommodate
A sideshow with misery
An affair with no dignity
I've lost myself
While the silence remains
You and I pick the change
The scraps of a lost free will
I won't bother, you won't see
But we can sense the infinite dream