Перевод песни Resonance Room – Unspoken

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
On that day I found a new toy
It was hidden in an old drawer
I used to play with my cow boy guns
This was cold and heavy
I wanted to play with my mum so I hide and when she came in I fired I fired I fired I So he has hidden me All the truth about
What happened on that sad day
And I have grown up ignoring
That I was guilty of the murder
Then because of this
My father went mad and he was shut up here in this mental home
Can innocence kill?
How can pain appears
From an innocent action
Who's the victim and who's the murderer?
God! why has this happened?
He was only six
My son killed her
God! why has this happened?
I was only six
Can innocence kill?
What is unreason?
Perhaps isn't it a glimmer of light
In the dreary monotony of a mentally ill
Isn't it a way to flee
From the difficult reality of the world?
But who can say?
Nobody can judge what he doesn't know
Everything is allowed in an instant of madness
Everything is allowed
Everything is allowed