Перевод песни Through Your Silence – The Groom

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My dear mother
I wrapped my body in determination
With hopes and with bombs
I asked to reach Allah and the fighters homeland
The belt makes me fly
Pushing me to make haste
I calm it down
We should stay steadfast
I freed myself
I freed myself
Like lava burning old legends and vanities
I free my body with his pains and oppressions
I freed myself, mother
From the shackles and chains
And you see me raising
And you see me sending a loving kiss
To the mosques and the temples
The houses and the roads
The dawn is close mother
It shall rise from the guns and the shinings spears
The wedding is the union with our land
Resounds a cry of joy, mother; i am the groom