Перевод песни Rosa Antica – Healing Wounds

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Hey — open your eyes
It's time to realize that you're paying the price
For trying to keep
Your demons asleep
Into your veins
Hey — how do you feel
Now that your ego is dwelled by fears
This vision is real
All that you dreamed
Is turning to dust
Hey — scarred from your past
Let me explain how to escape from this spell
That's drying your will
And trying to kill
Your dreams and your fate
Fool — life's a candle
Yours — burning so fast
I'll show you there's no need to consume it from both ends
Why — bleeding for nothing
Why — swearing God
I'll show you how to enchain those demons and this rage
So rise — over this tension
Rise — over this black
I'll use all my strength for
Catchin' what you chase
(Smile — I'm healing your wounds
'cause I'm your saviour, your answer, your cure
Forget all the pain
Reclaim your place
Into the sun)