Перевод песни Rain Paint – Year or Two

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Please come back, I can always try
I know what it's like to yearn for you
It's all the same, a year or two
It's all the same if I can't have you
I was a fool to believe the words were yours
I know you'll never get my letters
I can't stand it, You don't know the truth
I love you and I want to be together
I can't stand the thought of you with him
I can't stand the lights, I want it dim
I can't stand the world, let it die
I can't stand our hearts not entwined
Did you have to judge my goals?
Did you have to be suspicious?
Do you want to be alone?
Because what you do will surely break our hearts
But you can't be happy
You could be happy
I feel like there's no use
In this we will both lose
I'd love to stay I have to go Every time you said the words
you made me more alone
Have I ever judged what you've done?
Have I ever turned you down?