Перевод песни Rain Paint – Inside Me

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Have I lost yesterday?
Was it all in vain?
Have I lost what I was in one day?
Did I give it all a way?
Is it all in vain?
To be what I was yesterday?
Tomorrow I'll forgive you
something you've done
And tonight you'll ask forgiveness
something you've done before
I can't give you what you need
just let me sleep
I'll either kill you or myself
I'm so weak
In a world of disconnection
I can try relate
still I cant find anything
before it's too late
The only way to get relief
is to destroy it all
Give it back to all the people
to whom I know it belongs
I have tried to talk to you
but you can't hear me at all
I must let you die with me and it's your fault, you all
Medical health in artificial reality
Controlling an empty mind
doesn't know how leave
Let me out
Let me out of this misery
You are not me and you can't be inside me There's not one thing you do better
I'm me, we're not together
I can't kill you but I can kill us is it really something that you want?
How did I lose yesterday?
Was it all in vain?
I have lost what I was
in one day
Did I give it all away?
Now it's all in vain
It was me, I'm afraid
and I am never going away