Перевод песни Rain Paint – Purity

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I hid my love long since gone
I miss the things I've never done
I miss the purity you left in me You thought it would help me see
For wondering why the hell I'm this cold?
I give you what you gave me You're too stuck in this fucking world
I take back everything I gave you
You raised a dictator
Follow me and I'll set you free
Can't kill my self because I'd be totally alone
All the hate of the world is mine
and therefore it belongs to me.
This slavery is human
Disillusion of your purity
All the things you've kept from me I miss you while I'm with you
I miss you while you're gone
A different draw in another dimension
will draw this meek recollection
Like the truth by the time when me and you, we know, we will never happen
I know you'll never answer
I'll tell all the world that you're mine
It's not true and never will be It's just a lie to feel inside
Hold me dearly
Say all the world is mine
Bring me everything
I'll leave no one behind
The walls need paint
to hide away the stains
All around was hate
All around was pain
Painting devils on my walls
Will I ever get caught?
Hide away the blood
Hide away the stains
Kill the silence
Kill what's left
Under black wings
Nothing's left
Another world, sin
Nothing you'd regret