Перевод песни Crest of Darkness – Chapter One

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Welcome to my world!
Welcome to the inner space of my mind!
Watch my trophies
Memories from a long life
I will give you
A lesson in how to find new oppurtunities
I will learn you
How to survive!
This is The First Chapter
Of your new life!
These are no Delirious fantasies from a wicked man!
You know the hunger
You know you can not stop
The eternal
Flame of power is shining brighter!
The moon has risen high
And the journey begins!
Lost in the night
Lost between the worlds
You are one of my kind!
You are a killer!
You are one of The Damned!
You are a killer!
I have seen rivers of blood
I have flown on the wings of ecstasy
I have felt the loss of my greatest love
I have given life to many creatures like you
This is The First Chapter
Of your new life!