Перевод песни Crucifier – The Funeral

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The hour beckons raging rain pours on my procession
Behold lifes graces fell short of forever
The friends that I once loved crept to despair
As I decay in an unholy fervor consummate my Funeral
Cries from throats of hypocrites Winds distract my march
Coffins body drips with moisture the rain can cleanse no more
Pleasing smell of incense befouls the garden of stone
Pallbearers shiver as my soul descends
Casket catches flames all rise to defend
Spirit ascends from the box I lash out at the prayers
At last I am Immortal give praise to what death bears
Filthy mortals give me praise worship my quintessence
Pay me homage for I have risen to devour divinity
Kneel at my hooves and staff light candles in expectance
Turn your back on Christ or no mercy at your Funeral