Перевод песни Yogth-Sothoth – Calling the Wrath of Evil

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Degenerated race of men
Are gathered
Around of monolith
To consummate their rituals...
Evil sorcerers pronounces
Malignant incantations
In ancient tongues
They are calling
The wrath of evil.
Cosmic gates are opened...
Horrorific visions
In the skies appear
Unleashing the astral chaos.
From the deepest waters... CTHULHU awakening
SHUB-NIGGURATH raise from the ground,
From the heart of Egypt NYARLATHOTEP arrives,
Come from YUGGOTH...
Its demons come from the chasms
And devour the living...
They crush all that crosses in their path.
Its demons come from the chasms
They will bring
The perpetual damnation
Upon the planet earth...
Calling the wrath of evil