Перевод песни Demilich – Introduction / Embalmed Beauty Sleep

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Cleft on a pyramid
Has shown you a secret passage
You carelessly force your way in Smell of death frightens ruthlessly
A sentence of cipher
An unknown, forgotten language
You decipher it as a name
But don't know it welcomes you to death
You are damned
Many dangers
Have wounded you and your friends
Some embalmed corpses
Have blinked their eyes, no, that's an illusion
But you feel there's something wrong
You've seen too many corpses
Maybe this is a mass tomb
If not you know you'll never be back
You are doomed
More and more corpses
Some of them dismembered
And every member embalmed
Now you are horrified to death
You are doomed
You enter a hall
Thousands of corpses lying there
Stench smarting your nose
Horror paralyzing all the thoughts
Suddenly all the corpses awake
You're trying to escape
But soon you'll be one of them
Sleeping embalmed beauty sleep