Перевод песни Mental Demise – Why Do You Need a God?

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Where is the carcass
Rised from the coffin?
Rotten jude who makes
fun of the world.
Only grimace's a crying face —
laugh with one eye weep with the other
Your words of absurd
Burned by the sick mind
Zombie slaves with empty eyes
Crowd your greedy holly churches
Puppets with faces
Covered by cross
Leprosy rotten thoughts
Pray to non existent God!
Do not let you drive in to
In to the golden cage
Of strict laws contradicted
To human nature
Don't make you see the world
through the hole in closed door
They plan you life. Awake!
And now your life is nothing!
You stay on ragged knee and pray
Both we know really nothing will happened
Cause this's bullshit,
Cause this's bullshit!
Do you trust that dark religion?
God who needs you to be slaves!
Who never interfere
Who allow all to kill
His will we see so rear
When evil takes place.
Mass of people died
In endless wars for you
Short of striving lost,
Thrown to greedy jaws
Virtual not evildent truth!
Senseless saint!
There's no proof of your existence.
Ancient plague raging!
God of Sickness
Making profit on disaster!
Evil! Die from suffer!
Blood is on your hands!
Death your real name!
Your existence false
Grief and human pain!
Evil! Die from suffering!
God of Sickness
There's no proof of your existence.
Ancient plague raging!
Senseless saint!
Making profit on disaster!
God of absurd
Grimace crying face
Smile through the tears
Your rotten thoughts
Burned by the sick mind