Перевод песни Kataplexia – Life Under Earth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Deep into the terrestrial stratum,
an unnatural phenomenon is developing
their terrifying earth movements.
Catastrophically flattening the fauna existence
We are all doomed against the treatment
of the measureless consequences.
Several earth shakes are striking in clusters, fearfully rupturing the soils.
Stressing the redistribution of the ground's displacements in the seabed.
Chaotic and violent atrocities appearing viciously
like storms in the global hemisphere
The Impact of sudden energetic connectivity is causing tragic catastrophes
Earth's surface is releasing a countless magnitude of seismic waves
The perceptible phenomenon is submerging in the stratosphere
The intensity of trigger landslide is shattering the deepest caves
Extremely harmful events are taking place with irremediable ravages.
The Violently rotating column of air
furiously smashing in the pulverized surface.
Unmerciful electric storms caused by the magnificent energy of the unknown warming.
simultaneous tornadoes annihilating the races in succession.
Irrepressible fires disastrously gutting the infrastructures
Unstoppable explosions formed by the filtered pipes of gases
leaking intoxicate fumes and emissions from poisonous plants
Merciless descriptiveness circumstances.