Перевод песни Demigod – As I Behold I Despise

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Forsaken and lost
Alone below the darkest realm
Through the eyes of suffering
I have seen the gods from beyond
Fathers of time
Behold and forsake
Bring an end to our timeless existence
The almighty has fallen
No god to rule the vacant throne
As darkness takes over
The dark overlord shall dominate
The fools who seek eternal peace
Shall wither Slowly to suffer
Again to reach the shores of death
We must be one with darkened earth
As we are shadows in this dismal mist
We shall hear the moan of our gods
Cloak of darkness, the lord of all
Upon this valley of utter nothingness
May the periphery
Of ancient wisdom
Remain merciful
For the ones who deny the darkness