Перевод песни Morpheus Descends – Corpse Under Glass

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Frozen, in this sea through box
Suspend my flow of blood
Unsuspected slow decay
Coffin of ice, appear dead
Chemicals keep me alive
Body tissue still decompose
No, sign of death
Left alone I dream of hell
I can t escape
Morbid thoughts
A prey of being in my head
Stalked throughout the dark horizon
Income the walking dead
I can t awake
Stuck within this nightmare
Game this becomes the place
Where corpses rule, this world
Circles by the dead
Anticipation of life to end
Strung of by my feet
Cannibals, time to feast
Hung upside down, left for meat
Screaming they slash me, drink my blood
These evil dead
Start to take parts I m still alive
Eat my parts one by one
Stain their hands red as I die
Now, this corpse under glass
Frozen leper they ll find with time