Перевод песни Morpheus Descends – Trephanation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Brain disorder, punctured skull
Relieving pressure on the brain
Mind disease, human slaughter
Unaware of what is done
Mind disturbed in a hope of a cure
To release the pain of living a life for
Mutant slowly dying of disease
Trephanation misery
Living out life with loss of your brain
Incision in head, pain
Remembering the past
That has not changed
Only the desire to be dead
Desire now to die
To release the pain you feel
This diseased of the mind
Blood spewing from your skull
Trephanation, mutated deformation
Puss oozing from your mind
Trephanation, a brain disease of living
Scaring the tissue of the brain
Slow death of mind
As sight begins to weaken
And now brain eroding
From trephanation...