Перевод песни Adramelech – Halls of Human Tragedy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Established to honour the death of mankind
With every drop you bleed
The realm grows stronger
With every life taken violently a violent one is born
Taking pleasure in the increasing suffering of man
Blood covered structures
Stand against bloodred skies
Unsprafcale brutalities
No one hears your screams
Established to honour the death of mankind
Kingdom built of blood structures of woe
Stand tall
Blood covered gunshot wounds
Slit Wrists and hangings
When the rope is tight, the beyond will rejoice
Dying again and again you will die
A journey to the side where skulls pile to meet the sky
A red throne
And the lord of uncreation
Masses of the chosen race
Crawl at the feet Of the one with horns
Balls of human tragedy