Перевод песни Disgrace – Immortality's Open Lake

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In arid lands
The roots of men are mouldering
In the depth of mud
Surrounded by rotting bulrushes
A black unforeseen lake
It rinses me, sand calls me towards ruins
Immortality's open lake
The kingdom of gulls
Dead fish
As a food of mind
Red eyes gaze
Bleakly at my neck... immortality?
And the rain washes rainbow down
I scrull to it, examinate a net
It twind from your hair
Curls dyed by bottom mud
Only the dead hear
The sigh of the sentenced
Who are inside the rounded rocks
In a mender stream
A day follows another
An engulfing red time
The red has spoiled my hands
And a sign is on my forehead
Maybe lunacy was my force
Buy you knew it
A dismal everyday, endless agony...
Please kill me!
Spin my remains
Burn them inside the circle
Take me away, apprehension
And bury me with cellophane flowers...