Перевод песни Rossomahaar – The Moon, The Sun, The Stars

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Deep inside the woods, whose sight's embraced with
Wintry fluid
The wolves come forth the sacred fire, whose flame's enshrouded in My deep passion and anxiety
Memories of pride, memories of hunger
The lust forsaken, the hate bereft
Bitterness and strength, they all come into one
One and only, those far behind I've left
Praise the somberness of outer worlds
Raise your hell and grant me your bereavement
The luminary gods dwelling in my reveries
Buried in the infinite concealment
The sun of the sleepless, the one we bark upon at night...
The dawn brings it's regular disease
Granting us it's incinerating warmness
Dearest phantoms of the night, they're finally released...
Whom does shine this magic light upon?
The ghastly theatre of nature, is it thee?
Whom does mortify this scintillation among the cosmic lawns?
The answers hidden within the very depths of me...
Those crystal lakes of an alien origin
What will they spawn and how will they act...
Entangled in barbed wire is the divine pigeon
What kind of peace will these long-dead spheres bring...
Mythical source of an ancient knowledge
A fountain of repulsion, truthfully the one I've longed for
The legions march across my motherland
The one deep beneath the surface of the earth
In the night, in deepest solitude my spirit is reborn
To fly high above the woods and explore the caverns of the
Underwater lands, reigned by a supreme king with horns
Will I worship him or cease???
Cease into the space, rise above the mental reign
Afraid the natural and listen to what the looking glass will say...
Unite with my spirit lovers, for the gates are open
And the circle is now complete...