Перевод песни Rossomahaar – Beneath the Fading Eclipse

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The lonely rose keeps on crying in my hands
The hands that transformed all life into oblivion...
The lonely tear slides down my cheek
The tear of a being that is rotten though still living on...
Feared once was I to lose my path
Below the source of post-earthly darkness
Feared once was I find the light
Deep beneath the blackest caverns of disgust
To reach my goal and find the way...
To attain the universal supremacy —
The one concealed inside my mind...
To start my journey at it's end
I cast aside my senses, those I will never feel...
Sensations that were mine
Leave me be and stray away
The love I've never felt, the hate I usually beheld...
Don't look upon me as I'm the leper man
Turn away and don't cast a glance at me
... my precious demon of delight, imprisoned in my hellish den...
Don't pare my wings, for how then will I float above the nightly shores?
I rise above and dive below
I crawl beneath and creep within
I am the servant to the masters and emperor of bleeding sheep
I am the one who is, and who is not
Enshrouded with gloom becomes the luminary
I unite with the one it was conquered by —
The eclipse glowing in the utter grimness of the dusk
Although it fades away so fast I could only tearlessly sigh...