Перевод песни Human Mincer – Embryonized

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Become blind because of lost light
my body and my mind are confused
the settled way was followed
to a written destiny
Abductioned consciences
Heavenly trip, aborted
my soul is freedom and falls
to the infinite emptiness, reborn
now you won't be able to manipulate me Look at your inverted word, coming back
I want to come back, I yearn to come back
Rescued for your adversary
I'm a fallen, a banished
but I havn't lost supremacy
of my ethereal body
my search has just begun
and now I'm going to catch you
Engendered in the supreme liquid, unearthed
the obscure side appears
embrionized in the obscure fire
I feel my hatred, I cry out for vengeance
the embryo will bring the new beginning