Перевод песни Human Mincer – Putrefact Agony

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your inert body is lying in the morgue's room,
a sheet covers your latent heart
rigid in the coffin you are carried to the graveyard
and while you're going down by the hole, your agony starts
You wake up and everything's dark
you can't breathe
you don't know where you are
you're a victim of catalepsy
You scratch the wood, tearing the fingertips of your fingers
you scream by the pain and agony but nobody can hear you
the air comes to an end and you start to suffocate
you realize that youa re going to die
You are unconcious — and your heart stops
the time of your sweet death — has come
you start to create gases — and your stomach swells
your brain starts to rot — and liquify
A viscious mass is created for your kidney and ferment in stomach
blood and vomit and impregnates all the tomb of putrefaction
tens of microscopic larvaes are starting to be created in flesh
the whole crypt is infected by your decomposition
In your body are happening many metamorphosis of the grubs
putrefact agony
now hundreds of terrific insects finish with your putrid flesh
putrefact agony
The insects create obstructions of acid liquids
provoke eutaneous explosions
you regurgitate your last fluids, while you are
waiting for you total decomposition