Перевод песни Jari Sillanpää – Jealous Sky

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My life has been a new down
Not that you care
Cause I'm already breaking out
All the joy and the tears that we used to share
Are hurting like hell
I'm breaking out... I'm breaking out
When you're here, I don't know where you are
I don't know were you've been
There must be a reason why underneath this jealous sky
I don't need anyone to tell
Why I make my life this hell
It's only you and I, underneath this jealous sky
Sometimes I feel insecure, so unsure
But I know I will make it And I'll be fine if you go And take a piece of my soul
That's where I've been faking-
I'm brave enough, I'm brave enough
When you're here...
I don't need no one to tell, I don't need no one to tell
Why I make my life this hell