Перевод песни The Cave Singers – Evergreens

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Somebody say
'Don't send me out, tryin to make it stab
Tryin to get a job and get
Been found a home, better steps that let you know
Longing in the storm going back track it
In the evening that's been gone
Driving from my soul
Grew up in the snow
Grew up in the evergreens
Wait.down to her toes
Many years ago many that was a dream
Oh it seems to say
Seems to sending me though
Driving up the road so
Met her in a park of line
Feel the mean she was a man
She was a chilly up stating
I could see us stopping us
Meeting how the devil lies
She was better than my best dreams
She was
And how could we remember this times
But I've poured salt my rise
Met her and the statue pie
Grasses die, grasses die
. bed singing all
How can I replace?
And how can I stay?
She is gone then she is
'cause we're all but now with key so wrong