Перевод песни The Posies – For The Ashes

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First one was born then denied-will anybody get her?
Second one is learning her all lines-and the actions
Third one has been trying all her life — to get out of the ghetto
Fourth one is leaving the fire for the ashes, for the
Which fire is the fire that calls you out into the light: Indifference or spite?
First thing I'm gonna do to this town — when I get a little credit
Take my money and stick it in the ground, buy some glasses
Education prepares me for the fight, when they try to turn their words on me Cities turned into a refuge for the ashes, for the
Which fire is the fire that turns you to a sharper eye? Has anybody tried?
Someday I'm gonna wake up dead, I know
My breath released into the open sky
Please tighten that bandage round my head one last time
Let go of my hand and close my eyes
Time's coming, there's light under the door, footsteps in the exterior hallway
coming with a stethoscope, a syringe
Witness, I call you all my wealth, you're my lands
The little country of my own true blood
In this kingdom with no king, none at all
Just a daughter and a son in law
Witness can you write me down these words: my darlings take your time,
cuz all things will fall, all things must fall
Think I'm gonna just sit here for awhile -gonna try to see what happened
But I'll still stand right up to your face, and 40 lashes
But I never would've worried or worked that hard-if they ever would have told
me so That I was just working all this time for ashes, for the
What fool is on the fire escape when the fire is going out is anybody's doubt
I know it seems like nothing changes in your way, just take your time and know
that all things will fall