Перевод песни Rheostatics – Full Moon Over Russia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Full moon hanging in the sky
Sun it shines on the other side of the line
That it won't dare to cross...
Because the equator is the boss
Dog it standing on Duck Road
Licking the guts of a squirming toad
Jim Morrison screams in Tolstoy's grave...
«Karl Marx was really brave!»
There's a full moon over Russia:
St. Petersburg or Leningrad
Hippie dude in a three-piece suit
Fixing junk with a prostitute
Yeah, he send life go down the drain
And he waste his time with crack... COCAINE
Disco dance he all fucked up
His eyes they like spinning tops
He scream «Come on, touch me, babe!»
He goes home, gives mommy AIDS!
(I don't care
«Hey, Martin, do you care?»
«Yeah... No.»)