Перевод песни Etana – Spoken Soul

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Moving ahead fom my struggles of yesterday
On a musical journey that will bliss
The mind, body and the raw soul
My inspiration, my joy, my thoughts, my heart
Form the young mind to win old hearts
We speak many languages, yet we can't relate
To the battles we face
We are different in some many ways
Yet so much is still the saem
Abandoned, abused, used, tried and lied to Some exit life as we know it Traveling like light, like light, like light
Like lights, like lights, like lights
Some moving right beside you
Some dare to try it They don't wanna live no more, no Some continue to stand and fight
Not knowing where they go, but they go Hoping and praying for a better tomorrow every night
Lol is what we do when old folks speak
Many don't care for the deep roots of those trees
But they used to care and share a lot more than we do Though they don't have much at times
But they made it through
And these selfish sexual and demonic days
Young hearts find it hard to concentrate, can't meditate
Confused, drowning in electrowaves and symbols
I remember, I remember my grannie used to speak of days
Of shilings and pences, now we talk dollars and cents
In everything there's good and bad
Moments that make me laugh, moments that make me sad
Like everything in due time, in due season
Which is the reason I say
There'll be a day, there'll be a way
There'll come a time to sing a brand new song
There'll be, there'll be There will be a better, a better tomorrow
Better tomorrow, yeah