Перевод песни You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours

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Those eyes you bought have gone to my head
But they won't take you to my bed
You talk a good game
But girl you've been played
Look at this face you choose to play
The towns talk keeps me up to date
We will never be the same
This is a war
This is a heart
These are the strings you'll pull
These are the stakes
They have been raised
It's your call
Too much has changed
I hate this place
But I don't want to leave it this way
Let's get it straight
Without a thought I will take
I'll take it all away
That's the price you pay for having luck in the first place
Call it what you want
I've spent too long under your thumb
And now the clouds have had their say
I'll make a bet that says we don't all leave this place as friends
Are you comfortable
Are you comfortable with this?
You play the lady
I'll play the gent
We will call it time well spent
But I've been lying and you're gonna hate me for this
This is the storm
So let it pour and take over your shores
Here comes the rain
I'll have my day it's so sore
Let it be heard
Lessons we'll learn
And it will never hurt like this again
Take off your colours
Who are you wearing them for?
Tick off your lovers
All respect was left at the door
I had front row seats to you on your knees
It was everything I hoped it be
I'll make a bet that says we don't leave this place as friends
Are you comfortable
Cause you're gonna hate me for this.