Перевод песни William S. Burroughs – Words Of Advice For Young People

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Well, here are a few simple admonitions for young and old, man and beast.
Never interfere in a boy and girl fight.
Beware of whores who say they don't want money. The hell they don't.
What they mean is that they want more money; much more, these are the most
expensive whores what can be got.
If you're doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing;
his word isn't worth shit, not with the good Lord telling him how to fuck you
on the deal.
If, after having been exposed to someone's presence, you feel as if you've lost
a quart of plasma, avoid that presence. You need it like you need pernicious
We don't like to hear the word «vampire"around here; we're trying to improve
our public image. Building a kindly, avuncular, benevolent image; «interdependence"is the keyword -- «enlightened interdependence».
Life in all its rich variety, take a little, leave a little. However,
by the inexorable logistics of the vampiric process they always take more than
they leave -- and why, indeed, should they take any?
Avoid fuck-ups. Fools, I call them. You all know the type -- no matter how good
it sounds, everything they have anything to do with turns into a disaster.
Trouble for themselves and everyone connected with them.
A fool is bad news, and it rubs off -- don't let it rub off on you.
Do not proffer sympathy to the mentally ill; it is a bottomless pit.
Tell them firmly, «I am not paid to listen to this drivel -- you are a
terminal fool!"Otherwise, they make you as crazy as they are.
Above all, avoid confirmed criminals.
They are a special malignant strain of fool.