Перевод песни Dream Mclean – Sloe Gin

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I was told to find sweetness in the blacker berry
Back at the telly, with an African queen backing Henny
She said I'm the lightskin Makaveli
I said no, I'm the lightskin Balotelli
I don't rap for anything, I got a stack of pennies
Flaming hot nigga, my X Factor is factor 20
And the burden on my back is heavy
I said the burden on my back is heavy
Oh, you're the king?
Well if I don't defeat ya when I'm Nina
Hold your victory dance, I'm comin' back as Eddie
I ain't doing to bad, I'm getting a fatter belly
And I'm having sex with a woman that's more attractive than me
She told me I'm an A-R-S-E-hole
Pinched her on the bum, told her take it with a pinch of salt
I told her I'm a pimp ho gigolo
And swallowing sperm makes your titties grow, get involved
10 men deep, roll in two cars
When I go out, I go in too hard
Maybe cause I drink sloe gin too fast
Take it easy, take easy
It's the bad dream, back seat of the Addison taxi
Living the sick life, I need a vaccine
I'm light-years ahead
This is what would've happened if Martin Luther King had a nightmare instead
I keep waking up from the same dream
Brain-freeze, sweating out tears as my face bleeds
On the upper level, going up a level
In the glasshouse, and I'm chucking pebbles
A blood-sucking devil
Washing sleeping pills down with fucking Red Bull
Yeah I'm a fucking rebel
Ask the boys in blue, nigga I'm on the system
I'm a paralyzed, mute, walking, talking contradiction
You don't wanna hear it, but you wanna listen
Yeah, you wanna listen
Cause I'm Cassius Clay
Back in the day and you're Sonny Liston
You don't wanna come against him, cause it's the
One man band, noisier than Noisia
And Noisia's kicks are like Jean Van Damme
Bam bam, bam
You are one bad man
With a black bag full of swag, like you just robbed Batman
I'll slap a bitch to another hair colour
She can get the brunette to blonde backhand
Or get the Hennessy, if she's a Cognac fan
But I'm on that sloe gin, floating, rolling