Перевод песни Viper – Chrome Steady Cuttin'

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See me loopin' down the road, and we pushin' tight lanes
And we movin', and a rollin, everybody knows that
We showin' up, at the party, thick in the line
Deep as the puts haze in the eye
It's early, time to make a loop
So I'm back on the streets, ridin' in a Coup
Big body, my niggas in While I'm out, listenin' to friction
Comin' from the rattlin' speaker plate
in the sunshine state
Turn up the speakers, let the bass get loud
While your own beat 'bout to move the crowd
Man, it's comin' out the back of the trunk
15s' 'bout to get the place crunk like
, some say I should be ashamed
The way my bass goes 'round in a maze
'Bout to go through the parkin' lot
Everythang' is, ghetto proof, and it's «pop the top»
Crystal clear sound, that's comin' out my Go where the, for the heater
Yes, it's more than, in my ear
Gotta pay a tribute, in a brand new year
It's the age of the thug and I gotta let my system go Built a low, gotta niggas speakers blown
But they not, and I put the switch back on high
Now the ground is shakin' like 9.5
On the richter, 'bout to head to the car wash
My car be chippin', no hard wash
'Bout to let the rap thump, and the words hit
Got more tracks than the '96 Olympics
Them boys see me ridin' through loud
Spark with the part, you know I'm winnin', turn it down
Left turn, on the one way
Keepin' it the fly way, now i'm jumpin' on the highway
On my way to the scene, steppin' out, shinin'
The lazer in my changer, keeps the synchronized timin'
Time to go to Mako, gotta choose
'98 blue, 2000 maroon
Knock out the deuce, make my ride look new
Now I'm driving great from the
Drop off, for the final coat
Now my car is clean as a bar of soap
Speed gets set on the steerin' wheel
We shine bright, like a lighthouse on a hill
Make a U-Turn, headin' back to the club
While my times four, thug
Oh yeah, and the beat keeps hittin'
We big bossin' playa's and we neva' gonna quit